Imperial Oil Scholarships – Sahtu Indigenous Scholarship Program

Deadline: September 15 — Value: $3500 — Imperial’s Norman Wells operation offers these scholarships each year to Sahtu beneficiaries entering post-secondary studies. The award is designed to cover tuition, other compulsory fees, textbooks and supplies, while also assisting with living expenses during the course of the academic year. The maximum amount of the award is $3,500 per year for college and technical schools and $4,500 per year for university. The purpose of the scholarship program is to encourage and assist Sahtu beneficiaries to pursue undergraduate post-secondary studies in disciplines relevant to the petroleum industry and Imperial’s Norman Wells operation. In conjunction with other recruitment and on-the-job training programs, the Sahtu Indigenous Scholarship Program forms an important part of Imperial’s strategy for increasing the employment of Sahtu beneficiaries at Imperial’s Norman Wells operation.

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